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Journeys of Discovery

We will be very happy to help you as much as we can. We have fallen in love with Naha and Okinawa within the first week of our arrival here and will be more than happy to share some of our knowledge and passion with you. 

Should you be interested we can help you to arrange small activities like:​​

  • Food walks and workshops

    • the local market

    • eateries in Naha

    • organic farms

    • Okinawan specialty products

  • Cooking classes (Okinawan and Italian cuisine using local produce)

  • Visiting Karate Museum and schools

  • Jungle hiking

  • Photography workshops

  • Costume photo shoot

  • Snorkeling and diving tours

  • Bird watching

  • and more (anything can be arranged on request. Just ask!)

Basic information about Okinawa


Events calendar


Reccomemded by Francesca and Hiroto


WIFI and SIM cards


While visiting Naha a car is not needed. You can walk and/or use the monorail and buses.


Info on busses and ferries


Info on car, bicycle and motorcycle rental

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