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Welcome to La Passione, a comfortable and elegant bed & breakfast.


We converted this former family house to welcome guests in private accommodation style: a home away from home. It is real labour of love. We offer travellers an experience within the Okinawan experience: La Passione is distinctively Italian in taste and Japanese in tradition. Our breakfast is in western style and you are invited to use the space as your own.


The house has four levels. On the ground floor there is a secluded lounge and a coffee/tea area with strong European traits. As you climb to the other floors, the décor increasingly reflects Japanese and Okinawan cultures through the use of natural materials, as parquet flooring, wood and bamboo, and the colourful local fabrics. On the top, there is a roof garden from which the neighbourhood rooftops can be seen. Read the article by Pietro Scozzari


We manage La Passione driven by the belief prosperous business is one that enriches the community it is in. As such we focus on respecting local customs and work with local people and initiatives.


We are learning to be eco-friendly for this reason as far as possible we have furnished La Passione with pre-loved goods, we use locally produced seasonal products for the best taste and the low carbon footprints, we recycle, we provide liquid soap and will change sheets and towels only if you really feel they need to be changed (we will, of course, if you are staying for an extended period of time). If you see opportunities for us to improve, we will welcome your feedback. In the Japanese fashion we kindly ask guests to remove their shoes: we do provide room slippers.


For the latest updates about La Passione and Okinawa travel information, please check our Facebook Page and Like us.

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